Behavioral Health Contact

Head of Service
Wilton J. Wilenga, LCSW BCD 

(209) 444-8910


Behavioral Health and Recovery Center

El Concilio has a wide range of advanced behavioral programs

If you or someone you love is dealing with issues, Behavioral Health and Recovery Center helps those who are struggling to overcome psychological problems by offering comprehensive treatment in a compassionate setting.

Since 1972, our licensed professionals and therapy programs have emphasized an integrated, multi-disciplinary treatment approach, allowing for comprehensive care for those suffering from a variety of diagnoses.

We believe in understanding and caring for the whole person.

We are an Access Point, offering bilingual services, where anyone can apply and be accessed for behavioral health and addiction support services.  Supported through grants, we serve you or your family’s needs regardless of insurance or immigration status.

El Concilio Behavioral Health & Recovery Center Staff

Our highly trained staff of licensed clinicians, counselors, case managers, and peer partners are available around the clock to help patients. But more important than our vast experience is our capacity to compassionately care for you and your family.

Free Behavioral Evaluation and Assessment.

We provide behavioral evaluations to help identify an individual’s needs. After an evaluation, individuals may be connected to one of our individual or group therapies or given a referral to appropriate community resources.

Adult Behavioral Health Services

With therapies designed for mild, moderate and severe cases, this program focuses on crisis management and prevention for people with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, suicidal tendencies, or other emotional, psychological, or behavioral problems, while we also connect them to primary care physicians.

Designed around stages of life approach for various age groups, clients learn to recognize stressors and develop healthy coping mechanisms. After graduation from the program, patients are encouraged to check in periodically with us, or return as needed to stabilize a crisis.

Children's Behavioral Health Services (ages 0-5 and 6-12)

The children’s program provides services for ages 0-12 who have emotional, psychological, or behavioral problems.  We emphasize personalized care based on behavioral observation and prior history. Commonly treated conditions include:

Bipolar Disorder

Oppositional defiant disorder
Panic Attacks
Anger Issues

Family Involvement.

You and the rest of your family are an integral part of your son’s or daughter’s healing team.  We encourage you to keep in touch with your child’s clinician, social worker, and counselors.  Be sure to ask staff to answer any questions you have about your child’s care.

Adolescent Behavioral Health Programs (ages 12-18)

We offer several behavioral health programs for teens with multiple levels of care with the goal of helping teens identify and resolve the issues that are keeping them from thriving, being happy, and functioning within their families and community.  Our highly trained behavioral professionals evaluate, diagnose and treat teens for a wide variety of conditions, including: 

Mood Swings & Anger Suicidal & Self-Harm
Stress and Anxiety
Eating Disorders
Drug and Alcohol Use 

Depression & Bipolar Disorder
Transgender & Sexuality Issues
Psychosis & Unusual Perceptions
Obsessive Thinking/Compulsions

Senior Behavioral Health Programs (Ages 60 and Older)

We understand the aging process, its challenges and joys, and offer a range of services and programs to help diagnose, maintain, treat or restore psychological health. Whatever the origin, our programs are tailored to help improve day-to-day functioning, quality of life, well-being and happiness. Some signs that a senior could benefit from a medical evaluation and potential treatment include:

Loss of Interest

Social Withdrawal
Suicidal Thoughts
Anger Outbursts
Personality Changes

Severe Anxiety
Sleep & Appetite Changes
Severe Memory Loss
Behavior Changes

Our Licensed Clinicians have advanced specialty training in senior care and will work collaboratively with your primary care physician to help you maintain your independence and thrive.