Our Services

Every year, El Concilio impacts the lives of over 75,000 individuals and families from all cultural backgrounds in California’s Central Valley – from expectant mothers to seniors, immigrants to job seekers, and preschoolers – making it possible for them to achieve their dreams.

El Concilio is a recognized as a leader in providing a spectrum of community-based services to improve the human capabilities of underserved people for a better quality of life. By doing so, we seek to empower individuals and families, strengthen communities, and develop tomorrow’s leaders.

Family and Childhood Wellness

Our Family & Childhood Wellness department has been at the forefront of health, medical, and nutritional outreach and education. Its home visitation services offer families with children 1-5 years planned instruction and effective one-on-one consulting.

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Preschool Centers

Established in 1970, our Early Childhood Development Centers provide comprehensive, early education for each stage of your child’s development with research-based curriculum for children 1-5 years, promoting proper physical, mental, and emotional development.

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Behavioral Health and Recovery Center

Since 1972, our Behavioral Health & Recovery Center has been dedicated to meeting the mental health needs of the community. We provide free behavioral evaluations to; and we are also an Access Point, to meet your family’s needs regardless of insurance or immigration status.

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Immigration Services

From our beginnings in 1968, El Concilio’s Immigration and Citizenship department has been providing free Citizenship Prep Classes and free or low-cost Immigration Legal Services and Application Filings. Headed by a team of experienced immigration attorneys, we offer free bilingual immigration workshops, and one-on-one consultations.

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Senior Legal Services

Our Senior Living & Legal Services department offers legal advice, workshops, will prep, power of attorney, restraining orders, small claims, filling out forms, writing legal letters, and many other issues and needs confronting seniors and their caregivers.

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Job Readiness and Workforce Services

Our Job Readiness and Workforce Development department aids Welfare-to-Work clients to overcome barriers to employment and prepare for a career; receive access to job training for in high-demand industries; prepare for employment; and opportunities for direct job placement.

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Re-entry and DUI Services

Our Re-Entry Services offers those re-entering the community life planning and case management services, tattoo removal, housing and job placement as well as court-mandated classes include DUI Classes, Multiple Offender Program and Alternatives workshops.

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Transportation Services

El Concilio’s Medical Transportation Services provide a safe and comfortable Non-Emergency transportation to health care appointment locations within the city of Stockton.

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