Re-Entry Services

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DUI Program

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Re-Entry Services & Mandated Classes

Bridging the journey from the inside to the outside.

El Concilio’s Re-Entry Services provides intensive case management supervision for probationers. We are committed to serving every participant by providing a successful, smooth transition into society to ensure a safe and stable foundation for building a bright future.

Our re-entry services assist probationers in re-entering their community. Offering life planning and case management services, including tattoo removal, obtaining driver’s licenses, housing and job placement, mentorship and family support, and so much more. The program makes an impact.

Services include, and are not limited to:

Case Management Supervision
Life Skills
Employment/Job Readiness
Job Fairs and Interviews
Tattoo Removal
Counseling Referrals

Housing Referrals
Education Referrals
Supportive Services
Enrollment in San Joaquin Delta College
Court Advocate

Alternatives to violence workshops

Alternatives to Violence (AVP) is a conflict transformation program. Teams of trained AVP facilitators conduct experiential workshops to develop participants’ abilities to resolve conflicts without resorting to manipulation, coercion, or violence. Typically, each workshop lasts 18–20 hours over a two or three-day period. The workshop events place a strong emphasis on the experiences of the participants, building confidence that everyone contributes something of value to violence prevention. AVP groups and facilitators are active in communities and prisons across the United States and in many other countries.

For more information on AVP and how to sign up for our workshops, or to bring a workshop to your community, please call (209) 644-2603

Alcohol & drug diversion programs

Our court-mandated classes include DUI Classes and Multiple Offender Program. These programs provide services for those arrested and convicted for driving while under the influence (DUI) of alcohol and/or other drugs.

We have programs for both first and multiple offenders. The programs provide a variety of counseling educational sessions in both English and Spanish designed to confront the dangers, often deadly, and always illegal behavior of driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

Wet reckless

12 Hours of Education

First offender services (3 month program)

20 Hours of Education
10 Hours of group counseling
3 Individual counseling sessions (15 minutes each)

6 month program

12 Hours of Education
·32 Hours of group counseling
4 Individual counseling sessions (15 minutes each)

9 month program

12 Hours of Education
50 Hours of group counseling
5 Individual counseling sessions (15 minutes each)

Multiple offenders services 18 month program

12 Hours of Education
52 Hours of group counseling
25 Individual counseling sessions (15 minutes each)
6 Sessions of re-entry, 1 hour per month