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Adult Education and Financial Literacy

Building ladders to success through education.

From Computer Literacy, teaching basic computer and Microsoft Office skills, to ESL classes, we want you to achieve and fully integrate into the world around you. Our multi-level Financial Literacy classes provide key education and access to a Financial Counselor; GED classes are also available on a rotating basis; and, information on and access to scholarships.

El concilio women’s entrepreneurship symposium

As well, there is El Concilio’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Symposium. Presented in conjunction with the Women’s Education & Leadership League (WELL), this unique three-day professional development event brings together women entrepreneurs to learn about best practices and participate in an interactive business planning, development and management that will serve the needs of the variety of stakeholders in expanding and strengthening their independent businesses and start-up companies.

Women’s Empowerment Initiative to train, motivate and inspire Women Entrepreneurs, especially those of Hispanic descent, to build their own businesses or enhance their existing ones.

Many individuals, especially women, turn their passion and culture into businesses that provide many with comforts from home. Through this three-day Latina Entrepreneurship Symposium, El Concilio and WELL hope to nurture stakeholders’ entrepreneurial spirit and provide support to those who seek to launch and/or expand business endeavors.

For more information on the symposium, please call (209) 338-5700