Latina Empowerment Luncheon


WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2019 at 11:30 AM

953 10th St.
Modesto, CA 95354

For more information:
(209) 523-2860

Latina Empowerment Tickets

We are proud to invite you to participate in our Latina Empowerment Luncheon. This event celebrates the accomplishments of Latinas in business, politics, and advocacy. All proceeds benefit our scholarship program and programs benefitting women in Stanislaus County.
An inspiration for young adults, our Empowerment Luncheon event instills a strength in our youth, while also elevating the dialogue of the link between America’s future and the success of the Latina/Latino community.  The event will connect individuals with like-minded community members while offering insight into the importance of Civic Engagement and Advocacy to our community.
Please consider sponsoring our scholarship program through this event with a generous donation.
Now celebrating decades of excellence, El Concilio continues its work in building a stronger Central Valley community for all, helping people in need with its community and corporate partners.

Keynote speaker: Julissa Arce

Arce was an 18-year-old student on 11 September 2001. She would go on to secure a coveted job at Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs and, at only 27, climb the ranks to vice-president, earning more than $340,000 a year. Despite working furious 80-hour weeks she was, she says, living the dream. Yet the young master of the universe was also harboring a secret that could destroy her life at any moment. She was an undocumented immigrant.
Hiding in plain sight, the constant dread of being unmasked, fired and deported to Mexico took its toll. Arce begins her memoir, My (Underground) American Dream, published on Tuesday, describing a panic attack that felt like a heart attack that could kill her. There were migraines and debilitating back pains. An ex-boyfriend threatened to report her to the authorities and she felt powerless to fly home to see her dying father. The book is a vivid reminder that beyond monolithic terms and sweeping categories such as “illegal aliens” there are inner lives as richly textured as any other.